Community Services

Fostering strong, positive relationships with our community is a cornerstone of our mission here at the Cheraw police department. Below you will find a brief summary of community programs, events and services we provide and/or participate in, as well as links to external community resources you may find helpful.

For Kids

Parents with kids in Cheraw schools, don’t be surprised if you see our officers walking the halls, sharing school pizza, shooting hoops on the playground or speaking to your child’s class. The school resource office is a member of the county sheriff’s office, but we believe in getting to know our kids at an early age. With that in mind, we work with the schools to connect with the kids during their free time, and we team up with teachers to join their curriculum and teach age-appropriate classes on bullying, body shaming, texting and driving, and any other subject where they feel our input can be of value.

Not to mention, hanging out with the kids is a lot more fun than sitting around the office doing paperwork!

Regrettably, we lost funding for our DARE program some time back. We’re encouraging kids to stay healthy and drug free through participation in community sports! You don’t have to be a pro-level athlete to enjoy the fun and camaraderie of a community team. We help sponsor our youth teams, and it’s not unusual to find the chief or one of our officers on the coaching staff of the rec leagues.

For Everyone

Lock-Out Kits
Being locked out of your vehicle, or having a child or a pet locked IN a vehicle alone, is frustrating, and it can take roadside assistance an hour or more to let you back in. That’s why every patrol car in Cheraw is equipped with a lock out kit and an officer trained to use it. If you’re locked out of your vehicle, call dispatch. We’ll be there to let you back in.

Community Cookouts
Several times a year, weather permitting, the Cheraw police department hosts a community cookout. Come down and meet your neighbors and our officers in a fun, laid back, family friendly environment. This event is free to the public.

National Night Out
National Night Out is an annual event designed to foster positive relationships between community and law enforcement to make our communities a safer, more caring place to live. With participation from the community and local businesses, t also ends up being a spectacularly good time!

Community Safety

  • Focused Patrols
  • We partner with the Housing Authority to identify residential areas that are at high risk for criminal activity and maintain
    an active presence there to ensure that the community remains a safe, family-friendly environment.

  • Crime Watch
  • The Crime Watch program is a new addition to the Cheraw PD. We have 4 zones, with an officer assigned to each zone and bi-
    monthly meetings. The purpose of Crime Watch is to keep residents involved in community safety, and to ensure transparency
    between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

Dates and times for special events will be posted as they become available. If you have any questions, please call our office at
(843) 537-7868.