Welcome to Cheraw, South Carolina, and the website of the Cheraw Police Department. Here at the Cheraw PD, our men and women (and dogs!) strive to embody the commitment of Service First, People First.

The Cheraw PD doesn’t just police the community. We’re part of the community. Our officers live, work and care for their families in Cheraw, just like the citizens we serve. With that in mind, we’re dedicated to upholding   the principles of community policing: Getting to know our neighbors, letting our neighbors get to know us, and working together to make Cheraw a place we’re all proud to be from.

We at the Cheraw PD invite residents and future residents of Cheraw and the surrounding communities to use this site as a central hub of information, not only about the police department and its officers but also   about community services and events, career options, and local news. Looking for something specific? If there’s something you need, or a question you need answered, and you can’t find it here, please feel free to   contact the Cheraw PD at (843) 537-7868.

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